31.05.2024: Bi-Weekly Update

3 min readMay 31, 2024


As is the Revuto norm, we’ve been working to prepare for a summer that will unveil some awesome new things for the project along with its investors and partners.

Check out this list of things we have been up to for the past two weeks:

  • Applied to and actively supporting our application to Project Catalyst’s Fund12
  • Released a blog post encouraging current R Token Airdrop stakers to stake more to earn more while they still can
  • Published a comprehensive overview of our ecosystem
  • Released the first version of our custodial wallet in the Revuto app
  • Finalizing VASP license to provide custodial service
  • Optimizing VDC menu before launch of beta testing
  • Establishing marketing channels in preparation for core product release
  • Filmed an official promotional video for the launch of e-vouchers in Spain
  • Shared a video of a machine operated by our partners that allows you to buy crypto using fiat, which is going to be a real game changer

And here’s a valued update from our development team:

Developer Team

  • New iOS developer joined the team (you’ll start to see some nice improvements coming along)

User behaviour analytics

  • Finished with the integration of analytics to track user navigation throughout the app, the main reason behind this is to have a better UX long-term.

Live Releases 3.4.0 & 3.4.1

Our goal is to have more consistent updates for the community. Therefore we’re working daily on improving the application for our users. We had two releases, both bringing really nice features for our users.

Crypto Wallet Dashboard v1

  • Shortly, a new feature is live!
  • Created new repositories and classes to completely separate the wallet logic
  • Ability to swipe left and right to change between currencies, without any lag
  • UI elements created are consistent with Revuto Wallet elements
  • Clicking on the ‘Send’ and ‘Receive’ buttons displays a ‘Coming soon’ screen
  • UI was created so it’s responsive, fast and most importantly, scalable for future updates!
  • Data processing is created in ViewModel instead of doing everything in ViewController.
  • Removed usage of global variables and generally improved data structure used for Wallet
  • Refactored networking with Combine framework for faster data handling and mapping of crypto tokens and prices
  • Added skeleton loading for initial opening of Crypto Wallet
  • Removed unnecessary loadings when applying filters and sorting (all about that speed)
  • Added dynamic decimal places calculator for token prices used for tokens that have lots of zeroes after the decimal point
  • Added haptic feedback for refreshing prices, every 60 seconds you get a fresh price!

Bug Fixes (you’ve spoken, we’ve listened)

  • Fixed bug where users were unable to scroll on the Cardano Wallet settings screen
  • Fixed bug of empty placeholder in main navigation menu when EarnRevu is not available
  • Fixed a bug in the staking centre where “More Info” button would overlap the TVL
  • Fixed a bug in wallet settings where you were unable to claim tokens.

Revuto Wallet Dashboard:

  • Improved existing data structure for Revuto Wallet
  • Swiping between currencies is now smoother and more responsive
  • Elements in the recyclerView are displayed correctly if the user’s balance is 0
  • The ‘More info’ button in the Wallet staking screen has been replaced with a help icon to reduce screen clutter on smaller displays

Main menu navigation:

  • The cards in the main menu have been reordered to fit the most used features
  • A new card for ‘Crypto Wallet’ has been added to the menu list
  • Renamed ‘Revuto Wallet’ card to ‘Cardano Wallet’

In case you missed:

📣Project Catalyst’s Fund12: Revuto’s application — Read now

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