Cardano is Moving Into Phase Two, Revuto is Following

6 min readJan 20, 2022

Revuto CEO Vedran Vukman shared:

Today we’ll witness a moment we’ve been all waiting for. It’s a moment when the Cardano ecosystem is entering a new phase in which decentralized apps are launching live on its mainnet. The recent announcement about SundaeSwap going live is a big step in that direction and something we’ll be looking at very closely, mainly because we’re getting ready to follow their steps.

Launching on a Cardano is not an easy task. Many things can go wrong in an environment where a crazy number of people are waiting to start using dApps while the network is still in development. Will the recent increase in block size help sustain such a large number of transactions, will smart contracts work and execute on time, will it all work? All those are valid questions and believe me, everybody in the crypto space is waiting to hear the answers.

In that regard, the Revuto team will observe but won’t “sit tight and assess.” We’ll act according to findings, because, more than anything, we want to launch our products as soon as possible. Still, as we’ve been working hard for months to prepare ourselves for such a big step forward, we need to avoid ruining it with eventual lousy product launch.

Some of the things we’ve been working on since our ICO include:

  • Growing a competent team
  • Setting up product roadmap and documentation
  • Setting up software and hardware infrastructure on Cardano blockchain
  • Engaging with the best 3rd party service providers in the business
  • Working on compliance with regulators
  • Legal opinions and preps for the audit
  • Securing our token liquidity on top-tier exchanges
  • Building a mobile app

Many of the above processes are something that will never end.

Recent events like Revuto wallet updates and listings on exchanges we’ve been all waiting for showed us that there should be no rush. Trying to be first but not being fully prepared for the seamless process doesn’t always pay off. I said it many times, and I’ll repeat it, Revuto’s mission is not to be the fastest but to bring you an incredible, money-saving, real-world problem-solving product that will make your life easier for years. In short, we’re building to last, not to be the first.

As we’re entering the phase when we’ll be launching new features within the Revuto app more frequently, our team decided that we’ll be openly communicating all aspects of product development from now on. We’ll openly talk about technical challenges and everything we believe you should know. Although we have always been very transparent about what we’re doing, opening even more will should help our supporters understand that we’re not fooling around.

New events to follow:

  1. Every 1st of the month, I’ll be doing a live AMA in our Telegram group where our supporters will be able to hear about Revuto’s progress firsthand and ask me questions, even the most ruthless ones.
  2. Every Wednesday, we’ll post a weekly update about the product development. We’ll tell you what we have done during the past week with some technical details to back it up.
  3. Every Thursday, we’ll be uploading a short video from the new series we call “Revuto Tech Talks.” Every week, somebody from our team will be talking about blockchain technology, technical challenges with building on Cardano, our product updates, upcoming partnerships, short and long-term plans, and similar. We may not be communicating those things well enough, and the goal is to change it regardless of how time-consuming recording those videos may be. We’re aware that for the regular user, it may be hard to understand what is happening behind the curtains, and we believe now it’s the right time to change it. In general, these new video sessions should show you how deep, technical, and hardworking the Revuto team is.

About the product

Product-wise, we decided to shift into the gear up and release updates with new features and products more frequently. It won’t be easy, but we’ll try not to disappoint you.

Below you’ll find a list of features you’ll be getting before launching our core product in Q2 2022. I need to emphasize that everything will culminate with launching our core product, a subscription management service with Revuto Debit cards which you’ll be able to top-up with REVU and use to pay for your subscriptions.

New app features you can expect in upcoming weeks:

- new staking pools in our “Staking Center” to allow you to earn more REVU before we launch a full product

- options to stake REVU and farm other Cardano tokens before we launch a full product

- option to buy ADA or REVU with FIAT directly from the app by using your debit/credit cards

- custodial version of our wallet what will allow us to send you referral rewards and cashback once we launch a full product

Not to be fulled by the list of upcoming features, our team has been working night and day on our core product since the day we successfully finished our ICO. The product, which should amaze many users worldwide, is very complex and involving 3rd party providers. I won’t disclose all the details, but believe me, we’re working with top-class 3rd party partners to bring this amazing product to the market. Unfortunately, in our case, onboarding with those providers requires exhausting due diligence processes, regulator compliance, and in the end, technical integration with the backend and frontend of our service. Those take a lot of time, and there are no shortcuts in this business.

I hope this minor update and the announcement of our new communication activities will help you understand what more than 40 people behind Revuto are working on and that this is the right direction towards the success of this project.

Thank you for your time and support,

Vedran Vukman / CEO

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