Equity Fundraising via Ordinals

6 min readApr 13, 2023

Equity Fundraising

Fundraising is one of the most crucial components of seeing a project idea become a reality. There are many ways to raise funds for a project. Some of these are quite traditional, others are innovative and utilize modern technology to help spread word about the project in ways that weren’t possible in the past.

Equity fundraising is when investment happens because the investor has been introduced to your project and sees potential for it to succeed.

We know that the Revuto community is one that is enthusiastic about what it is that we are going to do with our subscription management solution. That’s why investors have purchased tokens, participated in staking events, referred others to the program, and more!

As the subscription economy continues to grow, we understand that people want a way to control what they are spending on subscription services and that Revuto investors are dedicated to the success and growth of our project.

What are Ordinals?

Ordinal NFTs are something fresh and new, launched on the Bitcoin mainnet in January 2023. Ordinals offer a more encompassing way to create Bitcoin NFTs with data like images, videos, and text that are transferred via satoshis.

Revuto Ordinals

Revuto has announced a special Ordinals campaign that will allow you to buy a piece of Revuto. It’s a unique opportunity and one that will help us propel the launch of our core product — Virtual Debit Cards.

Check out our latest AMA with Revuto CEO Vedran Vukman explaining all about this campaign and our upcoming plans.

How can I get my Revuto Ordinal?

There will be 1500 Ordinals available, so you are going to want to hurry to get one while you can.

We’ve got a private sale that will take place on Monday, 17 April 2023. That’s 24 hours before the public sale starts on Tuesday, 18 April 2023.

Here’s what you need to do…

  1. Head over to crypto.revuto.com/btc to secure your place to participate in the first equity seed round on the Bitcoin network.
  2. You will need to enter your email address and BTC wallet address and then select the Ordinal that you would like to purchase. You should use the same email address that you used to sign up for the Revuto app.
  3. You’ll need to make sure that you’ve downloaded the Revuto app and register or log in with the same email address provided on https://crypto.revuto.com/btc
  4. Before the public round starts, you’ll get in-app notifications as well as an email about when and where (you’ll receive a unique BTC address) you need to send a specified amount of BTC to purchase your ordinal(s).
  5. Once the public round opens, you’ll need to send a specific amount of BTC from the Bitcoin address you provided.
  6. When Revuto confirms the transaction and the purchase of Revuto Ordinal(s), you’ll see them and, depending on the number and type of ordinals the user has purchased, you will get a Revuelto NFT in Revuto’s NFT Center inside the Revuto app. At the same time, Revuto will start minting your ordinal(s) on the BTC network to your BTC address. Finally, once you’ve created a crypto wallet within the Revuto app, you’ll get $REVU tokens in your Revuto crypto wallet.

When Lambo?

This is one of the most popular questions in the crypto world. And we’ve got an answer! When you purchase a Revuto Ordinal, you boost your chance to win a Lamborghini Revuelto!

Isn’t it something that the best, the fastest, the most powerful, and the recently announced Lamborghini model is called REVUelto. Revuto decided to reward one investor (a Revuto Ordinal owner) with a Revuelto!

That’s right, one lucky Revuto ordinal owner will get a Revuelto, and the Grand Ordinal owners will decide which investor that will be. Those three investors will meet with the team and use a unique lottery system to determine the new Lamborghini Revuelto owner. The company will place a purchase order on the car once the price of the REVU token surpasses $2 and stays there for at least 30 days.

Vex explains all about Revuto Ordinals

Revuelto NFT

Revuto will sell 1500 Ordinals on BTC in total. Depending on the investment size, by purchasing ordinals Series C ($500), Series B ($1000), Series A ($2000), or Grand Ordinal, the investor will get his Revuelto NFTs in his Revuto app. One Revuelto NFT will represent one ticket to win a Lambo. For example, those who purchase Series B ordinals will get better investment terms, more REVU, and double their chances of getting Revuelto compared to the Series C ordinal owners. In that regard, Revuto Ordinal Series A owners will quadruple their chances of getting the same, and Revuto Grand Ordinal owners will be able to boost their chances further. All investors can buy as many Revuto ordinals as they want (to invest) if ordinals are available to sell. Still, if Revuto doesn’t sell all ordinals, in which case, Revuto will keep its promise and deliver a car to one Revuto ordinal owner once the preconditions meet (the price of REVU above $2 for 30 consecutive days).

Special deal for Revuto EBT1 and Rstronaut NFT owners

To show gratitude to our existing supporters and earliest investors in REVU tokens, all EBT1 and Rstrounaurt NFT owners who will purchase Revuto Ordinals, Revuto will reward with twice the number of Revuelto NFTs.

Additionally, Revuto relaunched its Referral program by offering a much higher one-time reward for every new friend you bring to the Revuto app. The goal is to incentivise our community to spread the word about our amazing service and the campaign. Please, open your Revuto app and share your referral link to earn more $REVU. Learn more about our referral program here.

What This All Means for Revuto

Revuto is a proud member of the Cardano community. But as the crypto market evolves, we see the need to be ready to expand our presence and seize every opportunity for success that comes our way. We don’t want to limit the reach of our product and the amazing potential it has for not only the crypto community, but each and every person out there who uses subscription services and wants to be in control of what they are spending.

Secure your spot to purchase one of only 1500 Ordinals >>> https://crypto.revuto.com/btc

Your Revuto Team

Social Media Contacts

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Discord: https://discord.gg/RTNnnmt4xU

Download the Revuto app from the App Store, Google Play, or Huawei AppGallery and start earning today.

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