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5 min readMar 13, 2023


What if you could use an app to manage and pay for your subscriptions and earn money by doing so? Sounds like a win-win situation. And it is. Giving money back to help people save money on their subscriptions, possibly even to earn money, is one of the key features of Revuto’s subscription management service.

We assume you already know Revuto will reward Premium users with 4% cashback every time they use Revuto Debit Card to pay for their subscriptions. It’s a nice kickback, especially because it comes in a REVU token, which you may reuse to pay for something or stake it to earn even more REVU. Also, getting 4% cashback on your payment in a crypto asset, whose price could rise significantly with time, is something that could end up being a much bigger discount on your subscription (like 40%) or even help you to eventually earn money by using Revuto to pay for your subscription if the price of the REVU goes significantly up in value.

But the rewards don’t stop there. The Revuto Referral Program brings even more opportunities to earn cashback. It’s designed to give you the incentive to share Revuto with your friends and family, bringing the same benefits to them while, at the same time, boosting your income (rewards). Revuto is not just about keeping track of your spending, helping you save money by protecting you from unwanted expenses, it’s about revolutionizing how we pay for subscriptions allowing you to earn money when you and your friends do the same — use Revuto to pay for subscriptions.

The more friends you bring to Revuto, the more money you earn

In that regard, the cashback you earn is not only based upon what you’re paying for but what your referred friends are using Revuto to pay for. To simplify, when referring your friends to Revuto, you can get a “one-time reward” and a “lifetime reward” meaning once your referred friend joins Revuto (he needs to complete KYC), you’ll get a reward in REVU, but also, every time your referred friend uses Revuto to pay for something, you’ll get a reward in REVU too.

Most importantly, there’s no limit on how many friends you refer to the program and the rewards you earn from it, meaning you can earn some pretty amazing amounts of REVU every month.

Passive income — Calculate your earnings

Let’s have a look at a possible scenario to see how it all works. Let’s say you have a friend who pays $10 for Netflix with Revuto, your friends’ Cashback or Protection Fee (depending on the freemium or premium Revuto app he’s using) is 4% (40 cents). As he is your referred friend, you’ll get 6% of his cashback (or protection fee) on that payment, which would be 2.4 cents in REVU tokens.

If you have a Special NFT to double or triple that reward, meaning the percentage can go to 12% or even 18% — all depending on the special NFTs that you might have acquired within the Revuto ecosystem, you can earn 4.9 or 7.2 cents in REVU every time your friend makes a payment to his Netflix. You can earn your Special NFT(s) by staking REVU for a longer period of time within Revuto Staking Center or by purchasing one once people start trading them on NFT marketplaces.

Now imagine you have more referred friends having more subscriptions they pay with Revuto every month, you have a special NFT, and the price of REVU goes up with time. In that case, from the Revuto Referral Program alone you could earn a decent amount of money.

To help you estimate how much you can earn monthly from you and your referred friends using Revuto to pay for subscriptions, you can check out our online calculator at

Our CEO, Vex, explains it all

Revuto CEO Vedran Vukman has explained the referral rewards program and how you can earn passive income with Revuto

Save, earn, and refer to earn even more!

We all want to save money, but offering you even to earn money when paying is truly amazing. In addition to the Revuto Referral Program, we also have a growing number of staking options available in the Revuto app, so be sure to check them out straight away.

Download the Revuto app from the App Store, Google Play, or Huawei AppGallery and start earning today.

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