How does the Revuto app work?

3 min readMay 17, 2021

The way Revuto works is that we create a single Mastercard VCD (virtual debit card) for each of your subscriptions; one subscription, one VDC.

It looks and works as a regular Mastercard virtual card, so there is no way for the subscription provider to know it's a Revuto card and discriminate against that.

The way it works for a free trial: you simply insert it as the method of payment.

The way it works for an existing service: you will need to change your card, the same way you would change it if your card expired.

Block, Snooze, or Approve the subscription charges

Each month, you will receive a push notification asking you, do you want to Block, Snooze or Approve payment for e.g. Netflix?

BLOCK: If you Block a service, it will be suspended and you will not be able to use it for the following month. What the service provider e.g. Netflix will see is an empty VCD that has insufficient funds for this month and will simply disable access until the next billing cycle when the question will be repeated.

Please bear in mind that you won’t be unsubscribed nor will you be punished: these are prepaid services without a contractual obligation; your penalty will be not to have access to the service until they will try to seek funds for the month after.

15-sec demo video:

APPROVE: If you Approve a service, your VDC will be topped up and e.g. Netflix will see the exact amount of money required for the service.

You will pay and be able to enjoy the service seamlessly.

15-sec demo video:

SNOOZE: If you click Snooze, you will simply postpone this decision for several hours or days. This will activate the so-called “Grace period” — the time each service provider gives to users before they suspend the service; for some, it is 0 and for others, it can be up to a few days.

After that ends, you will have to decide if you Block or Approve the request.

15-sec demo video:

REVU: What REVU tokens enable us to do, is to include even options to pay with crypto:

20-sec demo video:

Using the Revuto dApp you will be able to:

  • Block, Snooze, Approve each subscription or recurring payment in seconds
  • Pay and subscribe for goods and services using tokens such as ADA and REVU
  • Stake REVU to unlock additional features and earn rewards
  • Earn cashback in REVU for subscriptions you enable
  • Receive REVU tokens for every friend you refer
  • Share/split costs with friends in a safe and secure way
  • Swap unused subscriptions with friends
  • All payment information and passwords are tokenized

The Revuto app is coming soon so stay tuned!

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