As the weeks and months have gone on, the percentage of listing-related questions we receive has gradually increased, constituting an ever-larger share of our inbox. We get it: you want REVU and you want it now!

While in one sense it’s incredibly exciting to behold the palpable FOMO emanating from…


  • We will submit Revuto app update with an integrated Cardano native wallet supporting REVU, allowing all users to create their Cardano wallet. In this blog post, find out:
  • What Community Sale investors will be able to do;
  • How to create a Cardano wallet within the Revuto app and how to…


  • We want to set the stage for enjoyable and constructive dialogue within our fast-growing community
  • We won’t tolerate toxic behavior such as swearing, discrimination, personal attacks, ad hominem arguments, harassment or abuse
  • Our policy covers FUD — unnecessary or spiteful, repetitive, provocative, tainted by bias and unhelpful
  • Genuine questions or…

We are thrilled to announce that Revuto has been named the Fastest Growing Consumer Product in Crypto for 2021 at the World Blockchain Summit (WBS) in Dubai!



  • We’re launching a non-custodial wallet to deliver the best and safest native mobile experience to the REVU token holders
  • Our development team has worked closely with the creators of AdaLite to create and deliver the simplest and safest Cardano wallet — all within the Revuto app soon, available for iOS

Team Revuto is thrilled to announce that we will be a Lead Sponsor of the upcoming Global Defi Investment Summit, scheduled to take place two weeks from today, on 11–12 October, at Dubai’s five-star Taj Hotel, just before World Blockchain Summit on 12–14 October where Revuto is one of the…

Those of you who tuned into the first ever Revuto live AMA on YouTube the other week might’ve heard our co-founder Vedran announce a T-shirt giveaway.

From Zadar to Zagreb, September seems to be the month of Croatian conferences. …


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