Introducing a Community-Powered Framework for Decentralizing Revuto

7 min readJul 1, 2021

One of the beautiful things about crypto projects is the way in which they’re structured. Traditional companies operate in a rigid hierarchical framework, with decisions made by C-level execs before filtering down the chain of command. In crypto, decentralization enables proposals to be made by the very people who are interacting with the project on a daily basis, and who stand to benefit the most from its success: its users.

Our goal with Revuto has always been to decentralise as much of the decision-making as possible by utilising many of the tools that are synonymous with a DAO — a decentralised autonomous organisation. In this article we’ll outline the steps we’re taking to achieve this, how you can get involved, and the benefits this will yield to you as one of the first Revuto users. We’ll also provide an update on the latest news and developments from within our world.

Community Is Everything

The success of Revuto so far — the sold-out token sales, the memes, the evangelising, and the momentum — is thanks to the large community that has formed around the project. We’re fortunate to have attracted the attention of so many cryptocurrency users from across the world, as well as those who know little about crypto but recognise that today’s subscription payment system is broken and are intrigued by the alternative we’re building.

Forming a distributed and diverse community was one the first goals on our roadmap. With this in place, it’s time to move on to phase two: empowering that community to make decisions that will serve the collective interest of Revuto’s many users.

To kickstart this process, we initiated a series of monthly polls. These will be used to solicit feedback on ways in which Revuto can be improved for the benefit of its users. These polls mark our transition towards a more decentralised organisation in which no single entity can exert undue control and where everyone has a say.

Polls for the People

To get the ball rolling, and test out Revuto’s nascent community control framework, our team initiated several pools during June.

On June 19, we shared our first poll in the Revuto Telegram group, a meta poll if you like, asking the question “Do you want to be involved and directly impact the development of the Revuto project by participating in upcoming polls?” You voted a resounding yes, with 89% of respondents approving this proposal.

Thus, it behoved us to proceed with ratifying this vote at the earliest opportunity. The sooner we can start consulting our community on key matters, the sooner Revuto will be able to realise its potential, evolving into a subscription payment platform that works for the many, not just the few.

On June 22, we posted our second community poll, buoyed by the level of participation in the first. This time around, we wanted to solicit your thoughts on REVU Token Generation Event (TGE) or so-called REVU token birthday. We asked when we should conduct our TGE and you voted June 25 as your preferred option from the four choices tabled.

You spoke and we acted accordingly, conducting the TGE on the 25th. Moving forward, we’ll be posting similar polls on a regular basis, giving you plenty of chances to have your voice heard and make a difference to Revuto’s future developments.

Introducing Revuto360

In related news, we’ve been hard at work developing a new channel for connecting with the Revuto community. Revuto360 is a YouTube channel that will provide a deep insight into everything that’s going on within our rapidly expanding ecosystem. Developer updates; partnership announcements; interviews; platform walkthroughs; use cases. We’ll be exploring all of this and more during the course of our regular video broadcasts.

Inspired by Cardano360, Revuto360 will detail everything that matters within the world of Revuto, and rest assured, we’ve got a lot to cover in the weeks to come.

Levelling up the Revuto Community

We’re also pleased to report that we’ve made progress with the T-shirt campaign for selected token sale participants. The 14 individuals selected from countries around the globe, each of which had just one participant in the REVU Token Sale, will be rewarded with a tee to mark their efforts. Members of the following countries will shortly be contacted and awarded their exclusive Revuto t-shirt:

Mauritius, Cambodia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Isle of Man, Antarctica, Armenia, Brunei, Somalia, Botswana, Benin, Kenya, Maldives, Trinidad and Tobago, Libya.

Referral Program Extended — App Launch Postponed

Despite our app being ready, we have faced unexpected challenges during our token tracker feature implementation — due to the volume and continuous demand we are experiencing delays.

We are also listening to your feedback, and are implementing an even faster KYC process. This is an essential part of the token unlock process, where we enable the required customer verification flow — and we are now working to cut the time needed for 40%.

We realize that our customers are eager to get the status and details of their tokens and referrals. Therefore we have decided to make our app usable to all customers, not just token investors.

In summary: you will be getting a better and faster version of your Revuto app and we will be updating you once the app is submitted on Apple store and Google play.

Despite the fact that minor delays are nothing new in the Cardano community, we wanted to reward our community by extending the current referral program for a month.

The app will be launched on August 1st and until then you get to enjoy the sweet taste of your referrals — get ’em while you can!

PS: Keep an eye on our NFT platform landing page: and new updates that are coming very soon!

What’s Next?

We started this post by emphasising the value of a strong community and we’d like to finish by returning to that theme. We aim to become the strongest community within the Cardano ecosystem, something we are confident we will achieve with your help. As the first project built on Cardano, there are a lot of eyes on Revuto and we intend to impress and to make our community proud.

Ultimately, Revuto will evolve into a multi-product powerhouse that is deeply embedded in the Cardano ecosystem, providing services such as native token support for virtual debit cards, Cardano token swaps, and of course launching the REVU token.

One final housekeeping matter we should address before we sign off: we are aware that some of our users have registered for the Revuto token sale platform and referral platform with two different email addresses.

Using a CS app developed for internal use, we will send these users a verification email with a code to verify that they are the same person controlling both of the email addresses in question. This will allow us to streamline and simplify our services moving forward and will prevent confusion.

If you’re one of these users, click the verification links in the emails sent to each of your accounts. You will then be given the opportunity to choose which address you wish to use as your master address for logging into the Revuto app.

Then, when you log into the Revuto app using this email address, you will be prompted to generate a new referral link. This is required because our old referral program will be sunsetted, as previously announced.

New users will only be able to join the Revuto app when someone who already has the app and has generated a NEW referral code invites them.

At selected events, to certain individuals we find important to our business, we’ll be giving out vouchers to unlock REVU tokens in the Revuto app.

And…that’s a wrap! Stay tuned to Revuto’s channels for more news on community polls, development milestones, and much more as we kick this project into gear.

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