Everything You Need to Know About the Revuto App v1

5 min readJun 28, 2021

We have been busy fielding questions about the forthcoming Revuto app, so we thought it was a good idea to clear a few things up and let users know what they can expect when it launches in the near future.

Version 1 of the Revuto app will get the ball rolling on our mission to power up the subscription economy, although functionality updates will continue right up until September — whereupon 43 million REVU tokens from community sales will be released.

With over two million users itching to access the mobile app when it goes live, it’s a tremendously exciting phase for us and we can’t wait to receive your feedback. The app will be available for both iOS and Android, and we will provide links accordingly on both our website and social channels.

Who Gets to Access the App?

It should be noted that the app will be available for the early signups, i.e. Revuto referral program users, as well as for Token Sale platform investors. Those who will download the app but did not invest or participated in the referral program will not be eligible to access the app.

As mentioned, v1 of the app will have limited functionality. The purpose in releasing an early build of Revuto is to give users an insight into the look and feel of the app, and to garner feedback. Rest assured, we are just getting started.

In any case, the app will display the status of users’ REVU tokens from the get-go: meaning those tokens collected through the Revuto referral program and purchased during the Token Sale. It will also be equipped with KYC, and it is important to emphasize exactly which users will need to complete this process and why.

Revuto KYC: Who, What, Why?

If you are based in the EU, completing KYC is mandatory since you are requesting to open an account and receive a physical card (Manigo). The KYC requirements are relatively simple, comprising a selfie, ID card, and proof of address. Users who do not have a valid citizenship document confirming their address cannot proceed.

Upon completion, users will automatically receive a Manigo account and can look forward to using the full app in all its glory in two months’ time.

So, what about users who live beyond the EU’s borders? Citizens of these countries will still be able to use the app but only after they undertake a light KYC in the form of a liveness check.

A Brand-New Referral Program

As great as the old, web-based referral program was (remember that time we got 1.5 million sign-ups in 14 days?), the Revuto app will have a shiny new one.

This also means that only existing app users (early sign-ups and Token Sale investors) will be able to share a referral code and invite new users to log in. The reward is reduced from 10 to 5 REVU tokens for the moment and there’s no additional rewards in means of progressiveness from the Revuto Basic user to the Revuto Pro user.

The crypto part depends on the exchanges that list the REVU token. In future app updates, there will be an integration with some wallets to enable users to send REVU tokens to other addresses. Naturally, we will announce further details in due course.

We will soon have a new consumer-oriented Revuto.com website as well, with a soft update of the Revuto brand!

Come September, the app will be fully loaded and users can get to grips with managing subscriptions (Block, Snooze, Approve), and afterwards, acquiring and topping up the Revuto Virtual Debit Cards with REVU tokens, and sending/receiving tokens from their REVU crypto-wallet.

The Revuto App functionalities planned for September:

  • Adding subscriptions
  • Issuing Revuto Virtual Debit Cards
  • Controlling Subscriptions (Block, Snooze, Approve)
  • Topping up the Revuto Virtual Debit Card(s) with personal debit/credit cards
  • Topping up the Revuto Virtual Debit Card(s) with REVU tokens
  • Sending and receiving REVU tokens in REVU wallet
  • Spending analytics
  • Notifications/alerts

Piece by piece, the Revuto ecosystem is coming together. Having undergone extensive testing in recent weeks, the app is just about ready to leave the oven. We’ll see you at the dining table!

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