New staking opportunities are coming to the Revuto Staking Center

6 min readFeb 16, 2023


Ever since Revuto launched its Staking Center in 2022, we have been active in offering attractive staking opportunities to our community, and that’s not stopping anytime soon. No less important, despite staking not being our core feature, Revuto has always been among the top Cardano projects when it comes to TVL (total value locked) on its platform. You can check live stats at

Our Rstronaut Staking Planet Campaign, which took place last spring and summer, demonstrated that demand from Revutonians for staking pools is strong, and we’ve been working hard to determine the next pools to open. Although the Revuto team is always searching for top projects on Cardano to partner with and support their tokens within the Revuto ecosystem while rewarding Revutoinians with their tokens, the task is not always easy. There are not many Cardano projects that can easily swap tokens with Revuto and redistribute them as staking rewards to incentivize people to stay with the projects because only a few have mechanisms required to redistribute tokens in a fair way. Still, today, we are happy to announce a new great partnership and that we are opening not one, not two, but three!!! new staking opportunities.


The opportunity to stake ADA in the Revuto Staking Center is one of our most rewarding staking options. We offer a great reward for staking your ADA (up to 15% APR, 10% in ADA plus 5% in CNTs), and the staking opportunity supports our R Fund initiative, which is set up to fund pre-ICO projects on Cardano and help them in their most important period while preparing for their initial token offering. Besides helping projects directly, the initiative is helping the Cardano ecosystem, too. So far, the community has been very supportive, providing almost 900k ADA to the cause. And as we invest funds in the very early stages of Cardano projects, purchasing their tokens under preferred terms to gain profits which we later share with our community, the setup is helping our project, too.

To make things more interesting, our CEO, Vedran Vukman, became a member of the Genius X accelerator advisory board, which is helping kickstart (fund) Cardano projects. Accepting that role, our CEO has even better insight into great projects that are launching on Cardano and that’s helping the R Fund find the best prospects and investment opportunities within the Cardano ecosystem.

Stake ADA

ADA is, of course, the Cardano token that powers the blockchain we’re building on. Within the Revuto ecosystem, ADA can be used for making payments, investments in other projects, purchases (NFTs), and for staking. To offer more flexible terms regarding a lock-up period, the latest ADA pool we’re opening allows you to stake your ADA for a shorter lock-in period but still earn great APR. The newest R Fund Staking Pool we’re opening today offers you the opportunity to stake a minimum of 200 ADA for 180 days to earn 10% APR (7% in ADA + 3% in CNT). As with all other R Fund staking opportunities, this staking pool is hard-capped.

Stablecoins are coming to Cardano

One of the most anticipated events for the Cardano ecosystem this year was the launch of Cardano native stablecoins. Stablecoins are an essential part of every blockchain ecosystem because they offer stability and a foundation for DeFi to grow, especially when talking about lending protocols. As Revuto is a payment processor utilizing Web3 technology, stablecoins are an essential part of our ecosystem, too. We need stablecoins to support our payment and DeFi setups.

Stake iUSD

The first stablecoin launched on Cardano pegged to the US dollar is iUSD from Indigo Protocol, a founding member of the Cardano DeFi Alliance. iUSD is the first fully-collateralized native stablecoin on Cardano and the first fault-tolerant one. iUSD was released in November 2022 iUSD and is ramping up for broader adoption with a market cap of 6.31m USD. To support the Indigo Protocol team and their stablecoin in getting wider adoption, we decided to add support for iUSD within the Revuto Wallet and offer you an opportunity to stake iUSD within the Revuto Staking Center to earn yield.

The first iUSD R Fund Staking Pool is available for staking a minimum of 100 iUSD with a lock-up period of 180 days allowing you to earn 10% APR (8% in iUSD plus 2% in CNTs). The pool’s hard cap is 250,000 EUR. Again, the staking opportunity is powered by Revuto’s R Fund.

To offer you an even better deal, a second iUSD R Fund Staking Pool is also available but with a lock-up period of 360 days. Again, a minimum of 100 iUSD stake will earn you 15% APR (12% in iUSD plus 3% in CNTs) while the pool is hard-capped at 250,000 EUR.

All in the Revuto mobile app

All three pools can be found in the Revuto Staking Center, which is right inside the Revuto mobile app, available for download on the App Store, Google Play, and the Huawei AppGallery.

Be sure to check out these staking pools in the Revuto app and seize the opportunity to earn some great yield while helping Cardano and Cardano’s projects grow.

Your Revuto Team

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