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6 min readApr 15, 2022


Revuto’s Staking April Continues

Last week we launched the first Special Genius Yield ISPO within the Revuto Staking Center where users can stake REVU tokens to participate in the initial distribution of Genius Yield (GENS) tokens. This news immediately became a hot topic in the Cardano universe because users were able to boost their Genius Yield rewards up to 3x compared to regular Genius Yield ISPO rewards. Now it is time for another “gold rush’’ in the Revuto Staking Center. Our Rstronaut just discovered a blue planet on his journey through the Cardano universe. Let’s have a look and see what he has found.

Introduction to the R Fund Staking Pool

Back in September 2021, Revuto announced the launch of its R Fund, a special crypto fund entirely dedicated to supporting projects that are building on Cardano’s fast-growing blockchain. R Fund is a 2 million EUR fund. 1M is coming from Revuto, and an additional 1M is expected to come from R Fund Staking Pool. Revuto plans to invest those funds in the projects that are building on Cardano. Investing in projects with funds from R Fund through the pre-ICO stage is allowing Revuto to get tokens from projects under favorable terms and to offer the same terms to participants of the R Fund staking pool by rewarding them with the Special R Fund NFT.

After a long and extensive search for quality projects within the Cardano universe for our R Fund, Revuto scouts found a perfect partner with a promising project. We are proud to present Profila, a Swiss company operational since 2018, that has built a customer data, engagement & marketing platform which is forging a new era toward Decentralized Marketing (DeMar) platforms built on blockchain and privacy-preserving technologies. To drive DeMar into ad-tech, Profila is conducting research and will build a privacy-preserving system called Zero-Knowledge Advertising which integrates into the current Ad ecosystem, allowing people to control how their personal data is used and control their digital experiences (including when and what content and ads they want to see and from whom).

Announcing the Launch of the R Fund Staking Pool

Revuto is thrilled to announce the launch of its R Fund staking pool where users will be able to stake ADA tokens and earn 15% APR, which will be distributed 10% in ADA with the additional bonus of 5% in the form of Cardano Native Tokens from R Fund investments. We believe this is a very compelling APR, especially compared to the APR you can receive for delegating ADA to Cardano Staking Pools. In addition to an appealing APR of 15%, users who stake their ADA in this staking pool will earn a Special R Fund NFT which will provide users an opportunity to participate in public sales within the Revuto app under special conditions and privileged terms. The staking period is 1 year because purchased CNTs (Cardano Native Tokens) may have a lock-up period which will be communicated during the investment announcements. Revuto will allow users to harvest yield rewards every 4 months.

As the first project that R Fund invested in, Profila will give users who stake at least 500 ADA in the R Fund staking pool exclusive access to the private round of its own Cardano Native Token — ZEKE — at a preferred rate with a 20% discount. Instead of the private round price of 0.045 USD per ZEKE (compared to the public round price of 0.075 USD per ZEKE during the IDO in late May 2022), REVU token holders will be able to use the Revuto mobile app to obtain ZEKE tokens for just 0.036 USD/ZEKE. Put simply, if you stake a minimum of 500 ADA in the R Fund staking pool you will get a special R Fund NFT that will give you the unique opportunity to grab ZEKE tokens at a 50% discount compared to the public sale price.

The good news for Revuto users doesn’t stop here because holding an R Fund NFT means not only the opportunity to invest early under the best possible terms in Cardano projects that the R Fund has invested in, but also the opportunity to participate in the Cardano Native Token Lottery Airdrop (additional allocation of CNTs) every 6 months, where the winning percentage will be correlated to the amount of ADA you staked in the R Fund staking pool. Last, but not least, you will also get a special R Fund T-Shirt.

R Fund Staking Pool Overview

  • Staking Pool Hard Cap: 1M EUR in ADA
    (pool funds allocated to fund pre-ICO Cardano projects, max $250K per project)
  • Appealing 15% APR: 10% in ADA + 5% in CNTs
  • Minimum staking amount per user: 200 ADA
  • Staking period: 365 days
  • Rewards payout every 4 months in ADA and CNTs from projects invested in
  • Subscription period: no subscription period (staking starts immediately)
  • Participants who stake at least 500 ADA will receive a Special R Fund NFT

The R Fund staking pool goes live on Sunday, 17 April 2022 at 14:00 UTC. If anything is unclear, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to clarify!

Our NFTs are not just pretty pictures; there is a utility behind every one of them. That being said, are you ready to become an Rstronaut and get all the benefits that come with it? Stay tuned for more information on how to obtain an Rstronaut NFT as well as an overview of the additional benefits it will bring to those who have one.

You can also check out our Revuto Podcast with Profila, where Revuto CEO Vedran Vukman chats with the founders of Profila about their partnership and goes into detail about the R Fund’s investment in Profila.

🎙️ Revuto Podcast #2: Profila🎙️

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