Profila IFO reaches hard cap

4 min readMay 10, 2022

Revuto announced the first Initial Farm Offering (IFO) pool in the Revuto app last week, and the subscription period opened at 10:00 UTC on Friday, 06.05.2022. Since then, active interest and participation in the first Launchpool within the Revuto app has been phenomenal!

Investors flocked to this opportunity to stake REVU and earn ZEKE from Profila at an amazing pace.

After being open for less than 4 hours on Friday, the pool filled over 50%! It’s been the best-performing Revuto pool ever, and we are so happy to see that the projects we select for REVU investors generate such amazing participation!

What’s more, the 75% threshold was met less than 24 hours after the subscription period opened. It’s been a bit of a challenge to keep up with the numbers, but this is definitely the excitement and rush that we at Revuto love to see in the world of crypto.

We know that many people were waiting for their REVU claims over the weekend, and seemingly missed out on the pool because of surprisingly high interest in this event. That’s why we decided to increase the Hard Cap to 2M REVU and give more investors the opportunity to participate in this great pool.

The Hard CAP was reached on Tuesday, and we know that investors are looking forward to the next staking opportunity that Revuto puts on offer. As you know, we are always looking to arrange the best investment opportunities within the Cardano ecosystem for our supporters.

Profila, a Swiss company operational since 2018, has built a customer data, engagement & marketing platform which is forging a new era toward Decentralized Marketing (DeMar) platforms built on blockchain and privacy-preserving technologies. It was selected by Revuto’s R Fund as its first investment project. As such, our R Fund Staking Pool offered investors the opportunity to stake ADA and get exclusive access to the private round of Profila’s Cardano Native Token — ZEKE.

Revuto’s Head of Business Development, Dino Ivanković, is dedicated to planning and organizing the pools that Revuto offers in its mobile app. He sees these staking pools as having great potential. Speaking about the Profila IFO, he explains: “This is one of the best performing pools that we implemented in our staking center.”

Meanwhile, Vedran Vukman, the CEO of Revuto, sees this pool as just one of many more successes to come for the project. “I’m thrilled to see that Revuto has been recognised not only by its core feature but as a platform helping other Cardano projects grow. Profila is one of many great projects on Cardano we’ll be supporting and this recent successful IFO is an awesome introduction to the Profila pre-IDO Investment Pool we will open within the Revuto app during the next week. On the other hand, this will help small investors to take advantage of our setups and profit from supporting great projects on Cardano in their earliest stages.”

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