Why to buy Revulution NFTs

7 min readJul 9, 2022

Revulution NFTs are an evolution of existing NFTs. Unlike NFTs that can only be used as avatars, or the ones that people buy based on the greater fool theory, Revulution NFTs are something completely different, and are designed for everyday use in the real world. Based on the enormous public interest that our announcement caused around the world, we can assume that we are on the right track to launch something that will forever change the subscription economy and, at the same, time help people to understand the difference between worthless NFTs without utility and NFTs that have a real purpose.

As you probably already know, the announcement about Revulution NFTs has set the world on fire. The news has spread to a number of international publications as well as the popular crypto and fintech news sources like Cointelegraph, Business Insider, Investing.com, Coinspeaker, Crypto News, Cardano Feed, Techstartups, Coin Journal, Investing Cube, Finance Feeds, Analytics insight, U.Today, Cryptoflies, The News Crypto, NFT Evening, NFT News Today, NFT Gators, and many others. Revuto’s Revulution has also been covered by all relevant Croatian mainstream media like Jutarnji, Bug.hr, Lider Media, Tportal, Dnevnik.hr, and others.

Explained in the simplest way, Revulution NFTs are actually certificates of subscription ownership in the form of NFTs. Thanks to this innovation, you will now be able to transfer your subscriptions to another person. That being said, you will be able to send them as a gift to someone or resell them on the market. Moreover, if for some reason users don’t want to use their subscription for a certain period of time, in a later phase, users will also be able to loan their NFTs to earn a passive income, and/or use them as a collateral for a loan with the launch of protocols that will enable this kind of features on the Cardano network.

Let’s take one example when you buy a Netflix for life NFT and you pay $349 for it. Then you decide to use it over the next 5 years. If the cost of Netflix is $10/month, you will save $120/year, meaning you will save $600, and your Netflix NFT will still be worth as much as it was the first day because using it would not result in any loss of value. It’s even more likely it will be worth much more because there are only 10K NFTs of this kind that can ever exist. Although anyone can buy and trade Revulution NFTs, in the beginning only Revuto users from the UK and European Union (excluding Germany, Austria, and Malta) will be the first to get a Revuto Virtual Debit Card and use it with Netflix or Spotify. In the future, Revuto will also offer Revulution NFT owners to benefit from lottery picks, NFT staking rewards, and more.

Now you are probably asking yourself what you get by buying those NFTs? With one of these NFTs you will get a Netflix or Spotify subscription via the Revuto app and unlock lifetime access to one of these services. You might be asking yourself about the lifetime option? Yes, exactly as it is written, you buy this NFT now for a fraction of the cost of what you would pay for lifetime usage of this service. However, Revuto is launching these limited edition NFTs to celebrate the upcoming launch of our subscription management service in the UK and EU primarily for marketing purposes. This will be available only to the fastest and only for the first 10k users.

As mentioned before, these NFTs are transferable in case you don’t need them or you don’t want them anymore. Let’s assume you used an NFT for your favorite service for three years and after those three years you don’t need it anymore. As we have explained, the NFT is transferable and you will be able to sell it to someone else on the marketplace. You will be paid for that NFT and basically get back what you paid for when you purchased it or maybe earn even more. The person that bought it will be able to do the same thing again.

Revuto’s plan is to sell most of its 10k Revulution NFTs through the Revuto website by allowing users to come and buy their NFTs in the easiest possible way — with their debit or credit cards and crypto. Also, there’s an option to purchase and send an NFT to a friend as a gift by entering the email address of the recipient when making the purchase.

Referral benefits of 5% (one time reward) — Get 5% cashback in REVU if you share your referral code with anyone who uses it to buy a Revulution NFT. The end user also gets 5% cashback in REVU. It’s a win-win situation. All you need is 20 people to use your referral code and you get a Revulution NFT for free (Free Netflix for life). Not bad, eh?

Life-time reward

Bringing in users to buy a Revulution NFT with your referral code will get you 6% of the end user’s cashback and protection fees. If you are in possession of a SPECIAL NFT, you will get 12-18% of the end user’s cashback and protection fees. So just by signing up, users with your referral code can make for a great opportunity to earn passive income.

We also need to say that cashback to all Revulution NFT users is programmed to bring 4% cashback in REVU. For the cashback to work, you will need to be a Premium user of the Revuto app.

Staking rewards for Revulution NFT users

At one point, Revuto will allow all Revulution NFT users to lock (stake) their NFTs for a certain period of time to receive cashback in REVU or R token.

Lottery picks

Revuto will hold lotteries for Revulution NFT owners where they’ll be able to win rewards from partnering with other projects. The first lottery will pick 500 users to win the Bitcoinwars card game. You can find out more about this game at https://bitcoin-wars.com/

Referral program for influencers

In cooperation with Revuto, influencers with a substantial followings can share their Revuto referral code with others and use it and get 5% cashback in REVU. In that case, Revuto will give influencers a 10% finder’s fee for all purchases made with their code and pay it out in USDT after the campaign finishes. Interested influencers can reach us through our social media channels.

Other rewards and benefits

- alongside EBT1 NFT owners, only Revulution NFT owners will enjoy the benefits of being the first to use Revuto Virtual Debit cards regardless of whether they’re EU (except Malta, Germany, and Austria) or UK citizens. All other users will have to wait for their region to open, first the UK, then the rest of the EU

- early access to some services/features

-APR bonuses

-other benefits will be announced over time

Revuto is a single place for all your subscriptions, powered by debit cards and wallets to help you not only save but earn money on your subscriptions.

When you buy a Revulution NFT, you will be one of the first to test it, approve it, and be able to share and make passive income. This is an ideal way to start your journey with our subscription management solution.

Make sure to download the Revuto app from the App Store, Google Play, or Huawei AppGallery.

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