Viva La Revulution!

7 min readJun 27, 2022

It’s been a few weeks since we announced our marketplace for Revuto NFTs in partnership with Cardahub, but today we’ve got another piece of Revulutionary news for you. Hold on to your seats; we are bringing out the big guns — NFTs you won’t want to miss.

Revulutionizing the subscription economy

As you likely already know, our goal has been to change the subscription industry. We’re on our way to achieving that by enabling users with ultimate control over their subscriptions using a single app, whether they want to unsubscribe easily, pause their subscriptions, pay for subscriptions with crypto, borrow funds when paying, or secure protection against free trials.

So, where do NFTs fit into this picture? In the beginning, we introduced Special NFTs to award our investors with higher rewards whenever their referred friends use Revuto to pay for their subscriptions. As interest was overwhelming, we further boosted the ecosystem by introducing new NFTs. Those were Rstronaut NFTs, utility-focused NFTs to boost your staking APR and get a $10K reward in REVU, and R Fund NFTs to support pre-ICO Cardano projects with the opportunity to invest in their tokens early.

All of the NFTs we have introduced are playing a significant role in the Revuto ecosystem. Still, we’re introducing something new that will change how you subscribe to services and allow you to save more money. We call them REVULUTION NFTs.

Revulution NFTs

With Revulution NFTs, the plan is to “revulutionize” how people subscribe to services while allowing them to subscribe to any service in the world for any period of time and send or sell (monetize) unused subscription periods to others.

In allowing you that, we believe that Revulution NFTs will become the most crucial piece of the Revuto ecosystem to date. And we’re just starting.

People say NFTs don’t provide any intrinsic value. We say: the hell they don’t!

When subscribing to Netflix, let’s explain the “real world” value of the Revulution NFT. Suppose you bought a one-year subscription to Netflix to save some money. After a few months of using Netflix, you decide you don’t like it anymore, or for some reason you won’t be able to use it for the remaining months you’ve purchased. The reality is that the streaming giant isn’t going to slash your rate for the period you didn’t use it because you’ve already agreed to pay for it, regardless of if you use it or not. Netflix is just an example, but this could be any subscription — like the one for your gym, food delivery, SaaS you’ve been using, whatever.

Did you know that 50% of consumers currently pay for subscriptions they don’t use? Isn’t that crazy? Revulution NFTs are here to solve this problem. Our new product will allow you to monetize your unused subscriptions, creating a secondary market where people can purchase NFTs with unused subscription periods for specific services at a discount.

How does it work?

Let’s say you want to subscribe to a specific service for a longer period to get a discount. In most cases, the service provider will offer you to buy a one-year subscription to do so. In contrast, with Revuto you’ll be able to buy any subscription for any period and get a discount. The purchased “subscription” NFT should never have a value less than the subscription period left since after enjoying the subscription for some time you’ll be able to send or sell it to others. The new owner will be able to use the same subscription until the NFT expires (the subscription period ends).

How the heck are we able to do that?

It’s pretty simple. The user holding an NFT for a specific subscription in their Revuto wallet will get a Revuto Virtual Debit Card to subscribe to that service. Revuto will be topping up the card to pay for that subscription as long as there’s a subscription period left. Once the NFT changes ownership within the Revuto app, the new owner will get a new Revuto Virtual Debit Card to use with this account for the same service. Again, Revuto will be topping up that VDC to cover the service expenses for as long as there’s a subscription period left. Once the subscription period ends, the NFT will expire, and Revuto won’t be topping up old or issuing new Virtual Debit Cards for that service regardless of who has the NFT in their wallet. We can say that Revulution NFTs are disposable; they expire after the subscription period of the service expires. To get rid of them, Revuto will provide an address where users can send their expired Revulution NFTs. Also, within the Revuto app, there’ll be a place where users can quickly check any Revulutiuon NFT and find out the subscription it is valid for, how long it is valid, or if it has expired.

And now — A BIG BANG!


Revuto will offer a limited number of Revulution NFTs that will allow users to get free Netflix or Spotify for a lifetime. Did you hear that? FREE NETFLIX or SPOTIFY for life! And yes, those NFTs should grow in value because the owner will be able to send and sell them at any time. We believe there’s no better way to introduce this unique feature to the world than to offer you an opportunity to purchase FREE NETFLIX or SPOTIFY for life.

After offering a limited number of Revulution NFTs for purchase, Revuto will add Revuto Virtual Debit Cards (VDCs) to the Revuto app, allowing users to manage their subscription payments and start utilizing their Revulution NFTs. To emphasize the importance of Revuto Debit Cards, this unique offering will be supercharged with Card NFTs for early access to Revuto Physical Debit Cards (PDCs).

Card NFTs will let Revuto users become the first to get Revuto PDCs supporting crypto including Cardano Native tokens. While Revuto VDCs are for paying subscriptions only, Revuto PDCs, plastic or metal, will support rewards and crypto cashback when paying for any products or services where cards are accepted.

Revuto will announce more information about its unique and limited Revulution NFT offering in the upcoming days.

An opportunity for Revutonians.

As Revutonians, you might be wondering if you can purchase Revulution NFTs at a discounted price or earn money on the offering. Hell yes. Existing Revuto users and their referred friends will get 5% of the purchase price as cashback in REVU whenever there’s a purchase with their referral code provided in their Revuto app.

In the upcoming days, we’ll share more details about the referral program and the corresponding Revulution Lottery.

Share passwords

The limited offering of Revulution NFTs will coincide with the long-awaited launch of our subscription management service. To make it more interesting before the Virtual Debit Cards kick in, Revuto will introduce the password management feature to allow users to securely store and share passwords with their friends and family.

Speaking of your friends and family, have they heard about Revuto? If they haven’t, spread the word (and your referral code) to help us “revulutionize” the subscription economy that you’re in charge of and where you end up earning.

Don’t miss our next AMA on July 1st where you’ll be able to learn more about the Revulution!

Make sure to download the Revuto app from the App Store, Google Play, or Huawei AppGallery.

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