Revuto Monthly Recap: Summer Edition

4 min readSep 6, 2023

Dear Revutonians,

It’s time for your regular update from the Revuto Team. Due to historically slower activity during the summer and still not-so-favorable market conditions, we decided to do a “Summer Edition” of our monthly recap covering activities we did during this summer. Below are some key activities we worked on in July and August:

· finished the first stage of integration with Altwin. Still working on the Altwin Staking Pool as part of the new Staking Center. Soon, Altwin will announce its YouTube marketing activities scheduled for Q4.

· postponed the new Staking Center relaunch built on MPC technology. A new relaunch is scheduled for September.

· worked on a new Basic Staking Pool setup and advanced staking options (cashback lock-ups, multi-asset pools, multi-chain pools, NFT staking, and more).

· worked on a new front-end integration with Banxa to allow both “buy ADA and REVU with cards (FIAT)” from the Revuto app.

· final preps to unpause releasing REVU and ADA (including APR for overdue unstaking) from the Revuto Staking Center, including rewards in Revuto NFTs and R tokens.

· worked on the new Revudex and the R Token whitepaper/launch. The announcement is scheduled for September.

· released a blog post about the Staking Center refactoring.

· announced the adjusted Revuto roadmap for the next six months

· released a blog post about Revuto revenue streams (how we plan to make money).

· held a second Revuto shareholder meeting

· held an AMA on X (Twitter) Spaces

· had a live AMA via X (Twitter Spaces) with Đecentralized Člub

· had a live AMA via X (Twitter Spaces) with Blockopedia

· worked on integration with the Battlealliance play-2-earn game and Battlepass NFTs with the Revuto Staking Center. The release date will be announced after the Staking Center relaunch.

· secured a booth for the Paris Blockchain Week 2024. More info about joining the PBW24 will be announced in Q4 2023.

· secured a booth for presenting Revuto at CryptoExpoDubai with Discovercardano by the end of September.

· secured several Revuto app/project reviews via online media and YouTube

Crypto Baby

Dispacthes Europe
DeFi Expertise
Crypto Baby

· preps for joining the Cardano Summit 2023 in Dubai.

· preps for the airdrop campaign (most likely Q1 2024) with Rewardable to help us onboard new users once we launch the Debit Card Program.

Regular development updates:

· working on the Revuto Custodial wallet to support cash back, referral rewards, multi-chain assets, and NFTs. We’ll release a more detailed update by the end of September.

· ongoing compliance process with Modulr for the Debit Card Program (VISA). We’ll release the latest update on VDCs and onboarding with Modulr in a few days.

· working on inscribing Revuto Ordinals (postponed for Q4, after the 3rd Revuto Shareholder meeting).

· integrating the acquirer (Worldpay) on the front and back end with the new service provider for debit card issuing.

· integrating the KYC provider (SumSub) with the new debit card issuer *(KYC may be unavailable for a while due to the integration process).

· minor changes to the website, Terms & Conditions (webpages for the Seed Campaign and Ordinals).

· minor changes to the website (Gitbook), Terms & Conditions, partnerships.

Your Revuto team

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