Updated 2023/2024 Roadmap

6 min readJul 21, 2023


Dear Revutonians,

As you might have noticed, last week we released an updated roadmap for 2023/2024, which includes the most important part of it. This is something that we have been explaining frequently to our investors and token holders and something we plan to execute in the upcoming months because it’s crucial for our project. In short, big things are coming.

As many may have noticed, things change, and those changes reflect both the adaptability of what we have planned and the reality needed to survive when essential factors change. Bull markets, bear markets, increased regulation, technical updates, and so on all have an effect on what projects like ours are doing and why we feel it is important to keep our investors and other interested members of the crypto community and beyond aware of how we adapt.

Product Development and Compliance

As we have explained in our recent AMA event and monthly update, we have a new integration with Modulr in the works needed to launch Revuto Virtual Debit Cards. We had previously been in cooperation with Railsr, which has since gone into bankruptcy protection. This setback is one that luckily did not end up being as catastrophic for us and our plans to launch VDCs as it could have been. Had we already issued cards through them, we would basically be starting from square one due to their issues. Instead, we are actively working with Modulr and to effectively launch our debit card program in the EEA. To conclude, the switch from Railsr to Modulr was not something we could have anticipated or been ready for. We were ready to launch with Railsr, but weredevastated when we heard from them that they are not able to serve clients with their services any more.

Revuto is committed to doing things right and being compliant to ensure the most secure and legitimate payment system possible for our users. As such, things take time. This isn’t a situation where we can just print out cards and issue them and expect everything to work without a hitch. Instead, the process is thorough and checked at the necessary legal and regulatory levels.

Custodial Setup

Your Keys — Your Coins. This is the motto of the non-custodial wallet setup, which is what the Revuto wallet has been since it launched. This setup gives the owner complete responsibility for managing their funds. You manage your own key. You handle transactions on your own. Crypto-savvy users tend to feel comfortable with this arrangement. People who are new to the game or have come to rely on being able to reset a password to regain access to an account might have a harder time with the non-custodial arrangement.

Moving forward with the Revuto project and our plans to launch our core features, we realize that a custodial setup is necessary. A custodial wallet, but one in which the user will still have custody of their private keys (MPC) and have full control over their assets, will enable many things for Revuto. From allowing users to add more crypto assets to their wallets and use them to top-up VDCs, sending crypto assets effectively (fast and cheap) within the Revuto ecosystem, activating Revuto NFTs, and, more importantly, without pushing users to go through complicated wallet creation and keeping their seed phrase safe, with the custodial wallet setup, great things are coming.

Multi-Chain Assets

Revuto recently launched the feature of buying crypto currency — $REVU and $ADA — directly in the Revuto app. We feel that this is a huge step forward to making cryptocurrency easier and more accessible to a wider range of current and potential future users and investors. When our Custodial Wallet goes live, the plan is to support multi-chain assets.

This means that you will be able to hold additional popular cryptocurrencies in your Revuto Wallet on the Revuto app. What better way to manage your crypto assets and subscription services than with Revuto.

Launch of VDCs

Revuto Virtual Debit Cards will propel our subscription management. Allowing users to actively manage their subscription payments and pay for their subscriptions with crypto will essentially make it the powerhouse that we envision it to be. With a Revuto VDC, you’ll be able to pay for your subscriptions services and with our Block. Snooze. Approve. feature, you’ll never have to worry about free trial traps or unwanted and unexpected charges.

Revuto Cards will support $REVU, $ADA, other Cardano Native Tokens, and other popular crypto assets like $BTC, $BCH, $ETH, $USDT, and USDC. With the custodial wallet, the plan is to support 10 Cardano native assets and 10 crypto-assets from other popular chains.

In adding support for more crypto, Revuto is prepared to do everything to offer the most competitive crypto-card product available.

Still, the most important thing about the VDCs is unlocking Revuto’s main revenue models (Pro Accounts) and kickstarting REVU tokenomics. For the first time since the ICO, by exiting a pre-revenue stage, this will allow Revuto to become a sustainable (profitable) business.

Revuto NFTs

With the introduction of the custodial setup, Revuto will unlock the world of Revuto NFTs. So far Revuto has offered numerous NFT products, which all unlock special utility or rewards within the Revuto ecosystem.

Subscription NFTs — one of the most important features of the Revuto ecosystem when it comes to saving money on your subscriptions will come with unlocking Subscription NFTs. We believe Revuto has found one of the unique use cases for the technology, which will allow users to prepay their subscriptions for a longer period directly with Revuto, and enable them to earn discounts on their subscriptions but, more importantly, monetize unused subscriptions when selling unused subscription periods (Subscription NFTs) to others.

Revulution NFTs — Ever since we launched our Revulution NFT campaign back in the summer of 2022, we’ve had a lot of people who managed to purchase a Spotify or Netflix NFT inquire about when they will be able to use them. As we’ve explained, this will be possible come the launch of our custodial wallet and VDCs. Revolution NFT holders have a lot to be excited about as we get closer to these goals.

Stake to Subscribe

One of the main features offered to take advantage of web3 technology is “Stake to Subscribe”. The feature will allow users to save even more on their subscription payments by offering them the option to stake a certain amount of crypto for a certain lock-up period to use staking rewards to cover their monthly subscription payments. The feature will not only allow users to profit from not using their funds to pay for their subscriptions but also profit from investing in crypto.

Looking Forward

Revuto maintains a strong relationship with its community through its social media presence, online support team, and regular input shared by our CEO Vedran Vukman. We know that when things take a bit of a different course due to a range of factors, this can cause Revuto investors to want more information about what’s going on. That’s why we are committed to transparency and sharing updates. And if you’ve ever got questions, you know where to ask them.

Your Revuto Team

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