Revuto NFT App Integration is Coming Soon!

Last week was all about our news-bomb announcement at the Infobip Shift conference in Zadar, Croatia. In case you missed it, we unveiled the R Fund, a $2 million treasure chest dedicated to supporting projects building on Cardano. After watching our social media channels light up, this week we bring some news.

NFTs Are On the Way

Many of you have been eager to find out more about the integration of NFTs into the Revuto app. Back in June, we announced the creation of our own NFT platform and marketplace for EBT1 investors, and subsequently rolled out a series of special NFTs on a first-come, first-served basis. Phases 3 and 4, meanwhile, will allow users to trade their tokens with others and for the marketplace to integrate fully with our mobile app.

We’re not there yet. But the upgrades are very much in the pipeline, and soon app users will be able to do it all from a single dashboard: deposit tokens, stake REVU to earn yield, manage all their subscriptions, earn cashback and referral rewards, and buy/sell NFTs.

Soon, you’ll be able to see some app updates like NFTs preview and notification center. As always, we appreciate your patience.

NFTs, incidentally, are booming with CryptoPunks recently surpassing $1 billion in lifetime sales. In fact, the last week of August alone saw over a billion worth of sales across the entire NFT space. Not bad for a sector of crypto many naysayers dismissed as “all hype.”

Source: Niftyzone

NFTs are just one element of Revuto, though: our bread and butter is, and will remain, subscription management. That said, we’re interested in furnishing app users and REVU token-holders with opportunities to access liquidity and interact with the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. Hence why we’re building a kick-ass decentralized micro-lending and borrowing platform.

By giving Revuto users access to working capital in the form of small loans denominated in Cardano-native EURR stablecoins, our goal is to enable token-holders to cover their subscription payments without having to liquidate their precious REVU holdings. That way, they can maintain exposure to REVU while also earning staking rewards. Everyone’s a winner!

Have Your Burning Questions Answered

Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions have become a popular means by which projects interact with their followers around the world — and, yes, sometimes their fiercest critics. At Revuto, we’ve always tried to make ourselves available to answer questions, address concerns, and outline future plans. But even for us, September is shaping up to be an incredibly busy month packed full of AMAs!

Every other day, our co-founder Vedran is in the hot-seat for an hour, reflecting on recent events such as our appearance at Infobip Shift. Aside from making a big announcement, the Revuto team had a blast at the conference which attracted 30,000 attendees plus another 10,000 online. As you might have seen from our TikTok, we left our mark in Zadar — literally: we lost count of the number of ‘Revuto was here’ stickers we left on pavements, windows, doors, even beer bottles…

Keep an eye on our Twitter and Telegram Announcement channel to find out about the next AMA, as it’s a terrific opportunity to pick the brains of one of our founders or developers ahead of the upcoming REVU token launch. There’s usually some crypto up for grabs too…

Speaking of upcoming events, we are currently finalizing plans to promote one of our foreign-language Telegrams groups to Official. The last such local group to follow this path was Spain — but we’re not revealing which one’s set to follow just yet. In any case, you’ll be the first to know.

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