Revuto (REVU) Listing on Tier-1 Exchanges KuCoin and Starts Tomorrow, Jan 7, 12 PM UTC

5 min readJan 6, 2022

The cat is finally out of the bag: after months of hard work, the REVU token is to be listed on KuCoin and on Friday, January 7, at 12:00pm UTC. As we’ve said more than once, good things come to those who wait!

We know you want us to cut to the chase, so we’ll save you the preamble: we all know how major this milestone is. At this point, most of you will have one question: how do we participate in the sale?

How to Participate in the REVU Launch

In recent days we have put together a detailed guide on how to transfer your REVU tokens for the purpose of depositing. You can find it here; there are foolproof instructions for both KuCoin and users. Remember, cryptocurrency exchange platforms can take up to several hours to process your deposit during busy times, so time really is of the essence here!

By the same token (no pun intended), demand on the Revuto app has reached new highs — but that was to be expected. If you are experiencing any difficulties using Revuto on your mobile device, rest assured it’s because we are upscaling the system due to the expected congestion. Everything will go back to normal soon, and of course, your tokens are under lock and key.

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Helpfully, has announced a free Revuto (REVU) Startup subscription, and will not deduct users’ participation funds at the end of the event. To participate in the Startup Sale, you will need to be VIP1 and above, and can only purchase once with each KYC account. The event runs between January 6 and Jan 7, concluding at 6am UTC (7am CET). Further details can be found here. isn’t the only one running a REVU competition, of course. KuCoin is also conducting a campaign to give away a bumper REVU reward pool worth a staggering $50,000. Qualified KuCoin users can find out more about the giveaway, which runs from January 6 to January 4 (10am UTC), right here.

Obligatory Scammer Warning!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a token launch without the obligatory scammers warning. Please, always remember: your keys, your coins! If you get a random message, odds are it’s a scam and you should ignore it. We will never ask for funds, and you should always check our official social channels for informed guidance. Damn those scammers to hell, am I right?

Today at 1pm UTC, our CEO Vedran took to Telegram for another AMA with CryptoCapital. We hope you were able to tune in, but if not, keep an eye on our socials to learn about what the Big Boss had to say. Vedran’s words always carry weight, but with the token launch imminent, even more so!

And that’s just about it for us with this whistle-stop update. We hope you’re as excited as us ahead of tomorrow. Don’t forget to read the guide, follow the instructions carefully, and stay abreast of developments on Twitter, Telegram and the rest. We’ll see you back here for a detailed update soon. To the moon! 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

🎥 Live Twitter AMA recap on YouTube — Listen now 🎥

🚀 See more on our YouTube channel 🚀

🎥 Revuto deep dive — Watch the video 🎥

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