Company Deep Dive: Revuto Based On Fundamental Analysis

10 min readJan 5, 2022


From day one, Revuto has done everything possible to keep followers informed, whether they’re tracking us here on Medium or elsewhere — Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Facebook etc. In addition to making frequent social posts, we’ve made appearances IRL at blockchain conferences and summits, conducted live AMA sessions, and even launched several Telegram groups in different languages.

But recently it occurred to us that we’ve never conducted a comprehensive deep dive fundamental analysis. So with this in mind, we rallied the team to explain Revuto from top to bottom. Who we are, and why are we pouring our efforts into a crypto-powered subscription management platform? What is the vision, how will we achieve it, and why should you be interested as a token holder?

🎥 Revuto deep dive — Watch the video 🎥

Gone Diving

The resultant 80-minute deep dive video analysis is a must-watch for those keen to better familiarize themselves with our project, including those who’ve yet to enter our ecosystem and the existing investors who simply want to bone up on the finer details ahead of our imminent public launch.

The deep dive starts with co-founder Josipa talking about the basics of Revuto, a dApp gives users much greater control over their various subscriptions. With Revuto, you can Block, Snooze and Approve all your regular subscription payments. By blocking you get to skip a payment for a month while remaining subscribed, saving you that month’s payment and the hassle of unsubscribing; if you snooze, you can postpone your decision for a few hours or days as per your preference. Approving is self-explanatory, even though it involves our virtual debit cards: in the back end, we top up your card to ensure your service continues.

But why is Revuto needed? Well, in addition to giving users greater control, there is a convenience factor. Rather than handing over your debit card details and email addresses to various platforms, you can keep all subscriptions on a single app where management is easy, and use a virtual debit card that can be topped up with both fiat and crypto.

There is also a seasonality factor: consumers don’t need all their subscriptions all the time. In fact, some of us sign up for a free trial, forget about it, and start haemorrhaging cash unknowingly. The fact is, most of us lead busy lives and have difficulty juggling four, five or even a dozen monthly subscriptions. Instead of cancelling, which entails the headache of rejoining at a later date, we shrug our shoulders and keep paying like schmucks!

With the average consumer spending around $237 per month on subscription services, there’s a hell of a lot of money landing in the pockets of subscription providers for services that are under-used.

🎥 Revuto deep dive — Watch the video 🎥

Revuto’s Origin Story: How did the founders meet and came up with the idea

So, how did Revuto come into being? The credit goes to our CEO Vedran, who had the initial idea after struggling to manage expenses while running another startup. The problem? Multiple subscription payments totalling over $1k a month. There had to be a better way. Vedran took his idea to our future CTO Marko and subsequently fleshed it out with both Marko and Josipa, whose experience proved invaluable.

Fast-forward to now and we’ve been named the Fastest Growing Consumer Product in Crypto (WBS 2021), accumulated 300,000 users faster than Revolut, Monzo, Sterling Bank and Celsius combined, and eventually reached 3 million early sign-ups. Not too bad, even if we do say so ourselves!

In the deep dive, Vedran goes old-school by writing benefits on a whiteboard with a marker pen, benefits that include privacy — since you don’t have to give personal info directly to the subscription provider — and protection against expired free trials, since Revuto issues a special debit card just for the trial period. Later, Vedran discusses the intersection of Revuto and crypto that enables us to offer cashback in REVU tokens for every transaction and run our referral program, the latter of which provides a passive revenue stream for those who bring friends and family onboard.

Revuto users also get to stake REVU tokens to earn 10% APR or EURR stablecoins, and provide liquidity to our very own staking pool on Cardano (stake ADA for 5% APR, stake REVU for 12% APR). There’s even a special R Fund staking pool that allows people to earn anywhere between 10 and 30% APR. The cool thing about staking in a Revuto context is that you can stake tokens and forget about your subscription: we’ll calculate how much REVU you need to stake to cover the subscriptions you set up (for a whole year) with the APR you earn in return.

🎥 Revuto deep dive — Watch the video 🎥

Our AI Genius: Our CTO making micro-lending and borrowing a reality

Vedran soon gives way to AI expert Marko Rukonić, who worked for twenty years at American software giant Intuit, where he obtained 27 fintech patents — many of which are applicable to Revuto.

Marko explains how the typical subscription model works, and how it differs from the model pioneered by Revuto, which involves e-banking partners, virtual debit cards, and the Revuto mobile app. It’s a fascinating presentation from our seldom-seen genius, and truly eye-opening from a consumer’s point of view.

Marko also further explains our micro-lending proposition, with a reference to peer-reviewed research, and discusses his previous work on credit score algorithms at Intuit that now power billions of dollars of transaction value. It is this invaluable industry experience that gives Marko, and the rest of the Revuto team, the confidence that we are going to the moon.

If you’ve ever wondered about how we keep user information safe and secure, the latter part of Marko’s presentation is a must-watch. Our CTO reveals that your personal info has no way of leaving our data center. “It’s locked in there; there is no path out. We don’t allow it.” Account numbers are also locked in an e-banking vault. To summarise: the data is as safe as houses.

🎥 Revuto deep dive — Watch the video 🎥

REVU Tokenomics — and why it matters for you as a current and future token holder

In the last segment of the video, Vedran returns to discuss the tokenomics of our native asset, REVU, which will launch on KuCoin and later this week.

Vedran explains how the total supply will distributed: 53% of the 28.125m market cap will go to project (used for product development, the referral program, cashback) and be released over four years; 32% will be allocated to token-holders (only half will be released into the circulating supply); and 15% is for the team and advisors (locked). As few as possible of the tokens will be in the circulating supply, so our users can benefit from price appreciation. Oh, and another thing: we didn’t allow whales to participate in the token sale. No-one can dump large amounts of tokens on the market and devalue REVU!

With such robust tokenomics, our forecasts for growth are highly optimistic. And how could they not be, given our 3 million early sign-ups, 300,000 active users, and upcoming listing on a tier-1 CEX? We also have our own Cardano non-custodial crypto wallet, with a custodial wallet in the works.

For us, it’s been a pleasure to film our deep dive which includes plenty of interesting nuggets not mentioned above, including more about our R Fund, our remote-first company culture and marketing activities, and our commitment to sustainability. Give the video a watch; you won’t regret it.

As Josipa says in her closing remarks, “The best is yet to come!”

🎥 Revuto deep dive — Watch the video 🎥


0:00:39 What is Revuto: — Introduction + basics; Block, Snooze, Approve mechanism
0:02:38 Why is Revuto relevant today: seasonality of subscriptions
0:03:41 Revuto’s origin story: how was the company founded
0:04:33 About our metrics — growth period; 300k users reached faster than Revolut, Monzo, Sterling bank and Celsius combined; 3M user signups, slowly releasing KYC, exciting and award-winning growth
0:05:45 Vedran introduction
0:06:30 How did Vedran get the idea — trouble managing his expenses, spending over $1k on managing tools just to be able to run a business, losing track on paying, getting charged without approval, free trials ending up being charged, growing market = more people losing money
0:10:45 Top 5 Revuto “benefits for consumers’’ — 1. safe — not giving personal info directly to the subscription provider, 2. easy control over the source of funds — getting a virtual card and controlling how you are topping it up (crypto, fiat), 3. control — Block, Snooze and Approve, 4. protection — against free trials — upon signing up we issue and provide our free trial debit card info. Since there are no funds unless you explicitly top it up, you are protected, 5. saving money
0:26:25 Revuto and crypto, why does everyone have skin in the game: we are incentivizing the setup to give back to users
0:27:20 Cashback — for every transaction with Revuto — cashback in REVU token, 4%
0:30:45 Revuto’s referral program — awarding users, passive income — if the referred friend pays a subscription, the user gets 6% of every cashback for every referrals transaction
0:35:05 Staking REVU — options 1. stake REVU to get 10% APR, 2. stake revu to get EURR (stablecoin), 3. Combo-staking — Revuto will have its own staking pool on Cardano, it will allow users to stake their ADA and get 5% APR, and to also stake their REVU and get 12% APR
0:42:28 Staking pools: 1. micro-lending staking pool — to allow other users to use it for subscriptions payments, staking REVU to get EURR and getting around 4% APR, 2. R fund staking pool — R fund is giving $1M and users will be able to add up to $1M and get 10–30% APR
0:48:20 Staking REVU and forget about your subscriptions — we will calculate how much REVU you need to stake in order to pay for the subscriptions you set up (for a whole year) with the APR you would be getting
0:49:40 Welcoming Marko
0:50:24 Marko introduction
0:51:11 Standard setup for paying subscription explained — you give your credit card to the merchant, his job is to request the payment and the bank’s job is to pay, and you only control the process through the bank account or directly with canceling/ unsubscribing
0:54:34 Controlling subscriptions with Revuto — how does the setup work and how do we get the data to train the AI, explaining how and why we classify merchants patterns and create a large database which we’ll use to create a successful micro-lending system
1:00:57 Marko’s work at Intuit on credit scoring algorithm — how and why is that relevant for Revuto’s setup

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