Revuto Seals Partnership with VyFi, Broadens Staking Options

4 min readMar 1, 2022

Revuto’s DeFi ecosystem is getting bigger. Following recent confirmation of our strategic partnership with licensed boutique firm Skynet Trading, it is our great honour to announce that we have now joined forces with DeFi protocol VyFi!

History Makers Unite

A member of the Cardano DeFi Alliance, VyFi recently made its debut on the smart contract platform and aims to vastly enhance the network’s existing DeFi stack. The fast-growing protocol offers users a range of passive staking opportunities including the ability to stake NFTs to earn coins from emerging DeFi projects.

Later this year, VyFi will launch its very own decentralised exchange (DEX) as well as a novel ‘Neural Net Auto Harvester’ that promises to help users maximise returns when investing in different liquidity pools.

At Revuto we’ve always had a burning passion for supporting other projects building on the Cardano blockchain. It’s why we launched our $2 million R Fund, which is dedicated to bootstrapping ventures that meet a genuine need. VyFi, though, is one project we’ve watched particularly closely.

Back in August, a few months after we raised $10 million in Cardano’s first ever public token sale, VyFi was making its own history after generating $3.2 million during its ICO. And earlier this month, the platform became the first in the Cardano ecosystem to surpass $30m in total value locked (TVL). To cap their recent successes, VyFi was even named the project with the Best Long-Term Utility at the 2022 CNFT Awards.

It’s hard not to be impressed by VyFi’s cutting-edge approach. This is a team that is building a proprietary artificial intelligence solution to aggregate liquidity pools and revamp staking on Cardano. The talented developers are also planning to integrate an international markets hedge fund — a first in crypto. To seal such a landmark partnership is enormously gratifying.

Needless to say, Revuto users will benefit from the deal as we are rolling out a brand-new farming opportunity for REVU token stakers. As of 01.03.2022, you can earn VYFI tokens by staking your REVU. The minimum threshold is 2,000 REVU while the maximum is 100,000. As for the APR, it’s a cool 20% with the lock-up period fixed at 90 days.

Note that if you unstake REVU from the basic staking pool to stake in VYFI staking pool you will lose the opportunity to get the Special Revuto NFT.

Stake REVU and earn VYFI

On the topic of staking, we want to point out that our first farming pool with 2.5 million REVU actually filled before the end of the set subscription period. Not a bad start!

Ask Us Everything!

In case you missed it, our CEO Vedran Vukman yesterday held an ask-me-anything session on Twitter alongside VyFi CEO Steven Ward, during which the pair discussed the finer points of the partnership. Feel free to scroll through our feed to get a feel for what the alliance will bring in the months and years ahead. You can also listen to a recap of the AMA on Twitter Spaces. And don’t worry if you have a question that didn’t get answered: there’ll be more AMAs to come.

Remember that every first of the month, a Revuto AMA will be held come bull or bear!

In the meantime, if you want clarity on any point, feel free to shoot us a message on Twitter or Telegram and we’ll do our best to answer.

Naturally, there’ll be further partnerships announced as we progress through 2022. And you can help us decide who to team up with, by telling us which Cardano-native tokens you want to see appear in our staking pools! You can let us know on Twitter, Telegram, or any of our other social media channels — all listed below!

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