Revuto’s Bi-Weekly Progress Report: 23.02.2023–09.03.2023

3 min readMar 9, 2023

Dear Revutonians,

It’s time for your regular bi-weekly update from the Revuto Team. Below are some key activities we’ve done in the last two weeks.

- The Revuto app update v.3.4. is still under review from Apple. We are working with Banxa on solving the issue of Revuto facilitating a FIAT-to-Crypto exchange within the app.

- working with the Hydra team from IOHK and Obsidian Systems to set up Hydra micro-payments within the Revuto mobile app (Revuto wallet).

- working with Banxa to add the “Buy REVU with Cards” option

- working on our “Revuto Referral Program” blog post

- talked to EMURGO about helping USDA stablecoin adoption through the Revuto ecosystem

- finalizing commercials with the Fireblocks team to help us switch to custodial setup and support BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, MATIC… all within Revuto

- preps for presenting Revuto at the “255 to the Moon” conference sponsored by Mastercard

- opted out from integrating with ADA Handle to offer a simple “buy option” directly from the Revuto App

- preps for the R FUND lottery (rewards in REVU)

- preps for the mid-March AMA (regular YouTube AMA from the studio)

- started with outreach to VCs to support us with the main product launch (v.4.0.)

Below you can read about our regular weekly development activities:

· working on the Revuto Custodial wallet to support virtual debit cards, cashback, referral rewards, multi-chain assets, and NFTs

· working on compliance with the local regulator to launch the Revuto Custodial Wallet

· working on integration with Unstoppable domains. Further postponed to April.

· working on adding the Revuto Premium account (staking REVU or Monthly subscription to Revuto)

· testing virtual debit cards, up to 5 GBP monthly payments. 35 VDCs are live.

· testing acquirer (Worldpay) on the front and backend, setting up ledger accounts with Railsr

· minor changes to the website, Terms & Conditions

· minor changes to the website (Gitbook), Terms & Conditions, and partnerships.

· working on EURR, an over-collateralized Cardano native stablecoin pegged to EUR

Weekly Report - 23.02.2023. - 09.03.2023.


  • Fixed issue when adding new subscription as a Free Trial
  • Fix Fraction after Rebas
  • Updated Checkout Add Card url from UK to GB
  • Fixed scrolling view in remove payment source
  • Updated scrolling subscriptions in MY Cards view
  • Fixed UX issue with pending notifications in Subscription list
  • Updated checkout_add_card endpoint for the UK and EU
  • Fixed bug in showing same KYC alert two times after pressing Generate VDC
  • Refactored database/business logic to support custodial setup
  • Fixed UI issues with creating VDC
  • Fixed UX issue with showing referral rewards after the payment
  • Implemented dual wallet mode on the UI side
  • Adjusted the Revuto Staking Center to support staking for Revuto Premium accounts

Your Revuto Team

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