Revuto’s Streams of Revenue

5 min readAug 14, 2023


As Revuto gets closer to the launch of its core product — subscription management using Virtual Debit Cards — we want to explain what options will be available to users within this feature. The options are an active example of what the Revuto business model is, so it’s something that investors and users alike will be interested in understanding.


It is important to highlight that the Revuto business model is designed to be profitable. We realize that our mission is not only to provide a subscription management solution and payment option, but also to encourage the further development and spread of our product by offering incentives to help make it grow. Users come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s important to understand that there will be features that some find to be more enticing than others do.

The primary revenue stream that we have in the works comes in the form of our Premium service.


So far, the Revuto ecosystem has +370k registered users, with more than 40% of users coming from the EEA. That last bit of information is very important because those users are the first who will be able to use our full service and get their Revuto Virtual Debit Cards.

Our main revenue stream will come from payments made by premium users of our app. These users will choose to pay a monthly subscription fee for the Revuto Pro version of the app or stake $REVU tokens to unlock the option of Revuto Pro. Revuto Pro offers pro features that serious subscription management gurus will opt to have in order to optimize their overall experience and payment solutions.

The Premium version of Revuto will be available in our app once we launch our Virtual Debit Card program. This will be a very important milestone for us, and the cutting of the ribbon for everything that we are all excited for Revuto to be.

The cost for Revuto Pro will be 12 EUR per month or be available if a user buys and stakes 150 EUR worth of $REVU for 12 months.

We anticipate the conversion from monthly active users to premium users to be anywhere from 3–5% once this option is made available to Revuto users. This alone will bring significant revenue to the company, making the business not only sustainable but profitable. At the same time, the demand for REVU coming from the Premium users will help REVU token tokenomics start working and resulting in significant capital gains on REVU tokens held within the company.

The team will announce what features exactly will come with the Revuto Pro version of the app, but below is a small preview of the benefits for Revuto Premium users:

  • 4% cashback option on every payment
  • a greater number of Virtual Debit Cards available for subscriptions
  • Snooze a payment up to 30 days coupled with crowdsourced info about what the suggested snoozing time is for the specific subscription to avoid service suspension.
  • Micro-lending and borrowing
  • Revulution NFTs for Netflix and Spotify
  • Subscription NFTs
  • more options and higher limits on Card NFTs


While Premium features are likely to be attractive to some users, most will opt for the free version of the Revuto app. Besides some restrictions on Pro features, Revuto will always seek to provide most of its core features to freemium users. Still, to be able to provide a free service, there will be some small fees on transactions to cover operational costs. But again, the team will provide more detailed information about those fees once Revuto v.4. supporting Virtual Debit Cards launches.

Project Monetization

To secure the project’s future, support user growth and product development (adding new features), Revuto’s business is set up to monetize (earn money) on its core features. Most of the revenue will come from small fees on users’ actions within the ecosystem. The full fee structure is still not defined, and, as stated before, the team will provide more detailed information about those fees once Revuto v.4. supporting Virtual Debit Cards launches. The team made an extensive 3y financial projection based on this business model, which shows that the business will start being profitable 12 months after launching the core feature — active subscription management with Virtual Debit Cards. In years 2 and 3, the project should become highly profitable, earning on its core revenue streams and from capital gains on its REVU token. Still, the profitability of the Revuto business model depends exclusively on how many active and paying (Premium) users Revuto will have, and, in that regard, once Revuto v.4. is out, user growth (acquisition) is something that will be crucial for Revuto’s future.

Your Revuto Team

Download the Revuto app from the App Store, Google Play, or Huawei AppGallery and start earning today.

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