Secure Password Sharing with Revuto

4 min readFeb 21, 2023

As technology advances, we find ourselves with expanding access to a vast amount of information, media, and more. Accounts that facilitate access to all of this are protected by passwords, designed to ensure that only those who should have access do.

Nowadays we find that more and more Internet-based services are becoming subscriptions. People often sign up for a subscription that they won’t be using as much as they are paying for it and choose to share login information with family or friends so that it doesn’t go to waste.

Advantages of Password Sharing

Saving money is one of the benefits of password sharing. Sharing login information for online subscriptions can allow individuals to split the cost of a single subscription and access a broader range of content at a reduced price.

Additionally, password sharing increases accessibility to a broader range of content. By sharing login details, individuals can access more content than they could with separate subscriptions, especially for those living in different regions with access to different content libraries.

Risks involved in Password Sharing

The risks of password sharing are potentially severe. First and foremost, password-sharing puts you at risk of cybercrime. When you share your password, you give someone access to your personal information, including credit card information and other sensitive data. This puts you at risk of identity theft, fraud, and cyberattacks.

Another risk of password sharing is the loss of control. When you share your password, you have no control over what the other person does with it. They could change your password, access your account, and cause trouble. This could result in loss of access to your account, loss of personal information, and more.

How does Revuto solve the problems that are putting you at risk?

Revuto is a subscription management platform that helps you manage all your subscriptions in one place. You can add all your favorite music and video subscription services like Spotify and Netflix. What’s more, you can also add your company’s monthly software subscription like AWS. Any subscription you pay for using a credit or debit card can be managed by Revuto.

You can Block, Snooze, or Approve any subscription payment anytime with Revuto Virtual Debit Cards to protect your money and prioritize your decisions.

Another key feature of Revuto is the password sharing feature. You can share your login details with your friends and family through Revuto. That means that instead of paying for duplicate subscriptions, you can save money by sharing your subscription with each other.

How is Revuto password sharing different and what makes it secure?

It’s important to point out that password sharing through Revuto is not done via any third-party application. All pairing and sharing is done within the Revuto app, which means it is end-to-end encrypted.

You can invite your friends and family to Revuto so you can share passwords with them, and this is more secure because you can only share saved phonebook contacts. We believe these are people you trust. The only people who have access to your passwords are those that you have invited to have access to them.

Another unique aspect of this feature from Revuto is that you can see everybody who shares your subscription with you. They are either authorized or they access it with unauthorized permission due to external factors not related to Revuto. If you have shared your passwords via Revuto, you can remove people and block them at any time to stop sharing your subscriptions with them.

Saving money while keeping safe

Password sharing is a widespread practice, particularly for online subscriptions like Netflix and Amazon Prime. While it can offer cost savings and increased accessibility, it poses security risks and a loss of control. That’s where Revuto comes in with its secure, end-to-end encrypted password-sharing feature.

Before deciding to share your password, it’s crucial to consider the advantages and the potential risks involved. If you choose to share, be careful and only share with trusted individuals. And be sure to do it in a place where you have control over your subscription as a whole. That place is Revuto.

Download the Revuto app from the App Store, Google Play, or Huawei AppGallery.

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