The REVU Token Will Be Listed on Electrocoin Exchange

2 min readMay 8, 2021


At Revuto, we’re on a mission to shake up the subscription payment industry, overcoming its inefficiencies while extending the use cases for decentralized assets. But we can’t do it alone: sharing our vision with as many cryptocurrency holders as possible while demonstrating the benefits of holding the REVU token are imperative if we are to achieve broader adoption.

Thus, it brings us great pleasure to announce that Electrocoin will become the first central exchange (CEX) to list the REVU token. As the largest cryptocurrency brokerage and crypto payment company in Croatia, headquartered in Zagreb, Electrocoin is close to home and dear to our hearts. The partnership we have forged with the exchange, however, was born out of practicality and shared synergies.

Having the REVU token listed on Electrocoin will increase liquidity, awareness, and access to Revuto, which will in turn drive more users to the Revuto dApp. More users means more buyers, hodlers, stakers and more…well, you get the idea.

In adding REVU to its roster of supported cryptocurrencies, Electrocoin will be making history: you’ll struggle to find another Cardano-native token on any other European exchange. We’re sure that REVU will be the first of many, however, as the Cardano ecosystem matures and other projects follow our lead.

As Cardano DEXes also come onstream, you can expect to find the REVU token there, too, enabling it to be traded onchain in a permissionless environment. Full details concerning the date and time of Electrocoin’s REVU listing will be provided following the Revuto token sale: for now, we can simply confirm that the token will be listed on the platform later in 2021.

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