“Why Now?” — The Compelling Case for Revuto

5 min readJul 22, 2021

In the VC world, the biggest question that investors are prone to put to startups is “Why now?” Of all the moments in human history, what makes now the perfect time to launch your solution with the highest probability of success?

Answering that question in the context of Revuto calls for examining the health of the industry that inspired and spawned us — the subscription economy.

The State of Subscriptions Today

In decades past, subscriptions were limited and almost exclusive to products like magazines, gyms, and cable TV.

However, with the advent of the web and the rise of cloud-based computing, many companies transitioned from one-off purchases to the recurring revenue or subscription business model. As a result, we now have subscriptions for everything from food to music, TV shows, clothes, games, audiobooks, and even shaving products.

For businesses, subscriptions mean constant and predictable revenue streams, higher average customer lifetime value, and greater customer inertia resulting in enhanced brand loyalty. Consumers, on the other hand, find subscriptions convenient and perceive them as more accessible and affordable than one-off payments, especially for more expensive purchases. Nonetheless, beyond a certain point, managing multiple subscriptions becomes more of a chore than a task to enjoy.

The average European consumer spends 130 euros per month on subscriptions, accounting for approximately 5% of their monthly expenditure. Nearly a fifth of these individuals never review their subscriptions and, as a result, half are routinely paying for products and services they either no longer use or consider not worth their money. Understanding consumer psychology, businesses leverage these biases in consumer behavior to increase their revenues by intentionally making unsubscribing difficult.

Resultantly, users either easily forget about ongoing subscription charges, find the unsubscribing process hard to navigate, or fall victim to services that charge their cards indefinitely without notification. We believe there is a clear product-market fit for a product protecting consumers from the unwanted consequences of subscriptions.

Why the Subscription Market Is Ready for Revuto

Revuto was conceived with the goal of fixing the problems that have made subscriptions unusable at scale.

Many crypto projects make the mistake of starting from a blockchain context and seeking how they can apply it to a particular industry. This can result in solutions that are engineered to justify bolting on a token, or adding blockchain for the novelty factor alone. That’s not how we work.

While Revuto intersects with crypto, the real utility we’re providing comes in the form of improved user experience. We’re here to remove complexity — not add to it. And the way in which we’re achieving this is via the Revuto app.

A decentralized mobile application (dApp), it comprises a single-dashboard active subscription management solution that helps users control their recurring subscription-related expenses. Enabling, disabling, and managing subscriptions (Block, Snooze, Approve options) has never been easier. For the first time, consumers can view all of their subscriptions and current status at a glance. No more searching through emails and push notifications to find subscriptions that were activated months ago and are still draining your account.

As the release of the Revuto app looms, we wanted to compose this reminder of why we’re here and what we have to look forward to. We genuinely believe that the Revuto app will be a game-changer for the subscription economy and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Bear with us as we apply the finishing touches to the Revuto mobile app and we promise that the wait will all be worth it. The world is ready for a subscription management solution that does it all. Revuto is the answer. Just watch and see.

This Is Just The Begining

And it is official! We have shut down the old Referral program this morning. REVU tokens that you have collected so far will be available in the app (once all your referrals do the KYC). When the Revuto app drops, though, the Revuto referral program v2 will commence.

When you log in to the Revuto app you will be prompted to generate a new referral link. Note that only existing app users (early sign-ups and token sale investors) can create and share new referral codes and invite new users. The reward that can be earned for each successful referral will be reduced from 10 to 5 REVU.

Stay tuned for more!

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