10,000 reasons to get your Rstronaut NFT

5 min readApr 19, 2022

Hurry up because the subscription period for our first required staking pool is closing soon!

Revuto’s NFTs are known for their utility. It means that having a Revuto NFT is not just owning a pretty picture, but earning something because you have it.

The Rstronaut NFT is something that is part of Revuto’s Staking April event and part of the growing Revuto NFT universe, which is designed to take you on a journey from one Cardano planet to another and explore a variety of Cardano Native Tokens and the projects behind them. There will be 8 planets in total that our Rstronaut finds on his journey.

How can you earn an Rstronaut NFT?

To earn an Rstronaut NFT, all you have to do is to participate in each of the 8 designated staking pools offered by Revuto. Be sure to secure yourself enough REVU tokens to join us in this space adventure as we explore new planets in the Cardano Universe together! The first two staking pools that are part of this offer are still open, so if you want to earn an Rstronaut NFT, be sure to stake in both of them now! Hurry up because the subscription period for the Special Genius Yield ISPO staking pool is closing on Wednesday, 20.04.2022 at 23:59 EST

Right now, the first 2 of 8 staking pools have been introduced

Special Genius Yield ISPO — stake REVU in order to earn GENS tokens. For the first time in history, users now have the unique opportunity to participate in the initial distribution of supply for a new Cardano Native Token by staking REVU tokens under the most competitive terms in the Cardano ecosystem.The best part is that Genius Yield ISPO rewards in the Revuto Staking Center are 3X boosted, meaning GENS rewards in the Revuto Staking Center are significantly higher in comparison to regular Genius Yield ISPO rewards. Genius deal for Revuto users, right? This is the first planet that was introduced and still has some space available, so be sure not to miss this staking opportunity before the subscription period ends by staking a minimum of 2000 REVU. The Special GENS ISPO Pool will be open until Wednesday, 20.04.2022 at 23:59 EST.

R Fund Pool — stake ADA tokens and earn 15% APR, which will be distributed 10% in ADA with an additional bonus of 5% in the form of Cardano Native Tokens from R Fund investments. If you stake a minimum of 500 ADA in the R Fund staking pool you will get a special R Fund NFT that will give you the unique opportunity to grab ZEKE tokens at a 50% discount compared to the public sale price. The good news for Revuto users doesn’t stop here because holding an R Fund NFT means not only the opportunity to invest early under the best possible terms in Cardano projects that the R Fund has invested in, but also the opportunity to participate in the Cardano Native Token Lottery Airdrop (additional allocation of CNTs) every 6 months, where the winning percentage will be correlated to the amount of ADA you staked in the R Fund staking pool. Last, but not least, you will also get a special R Fund T-Shirt.

The Rstronaut NFT carries some special features, including:

  • $10,000 reward in REVU tokens when the price of the REVU token reaches a minimum of $2 per token, and remains above this price for at least 30 days.
  • Boosting your APR in ADA, REVU, and/or CNT up to 20%.
  • Early access to another special secret pool. There will be a subscription period, but Rstronaut NFT holders will also have a pre-subscription period.
  • Boosting your chances for airdrop lotteries: for some pools we will make lotteries for you to get additional CNT.
  • Last, but not least, an Rstronaut T-shirt.

Important notice for EBT1 investors:

EBT1 Master NFT holders will enjoy the benefits of the Rstronaut NFT but they won’t be able to boost their APR, boost their lottery chances, etc. if they don’t stake in the Staking Center. You cannot earn more APR if you aren’t already earning APR. You also cannot boost chances in the lottery if you don’t have any existing chances to boost.
Any number multiplied by 0 is, remember, 0.

EBT1 investors and Master NFT holders will be excluded from the chance to get a one-time reward of up to $10K in REVU if they don’t secure an Rstronaut NFT.

Watch CEO Vedran Vukman and Head of Business Development Dino Ivanković discuss details of this new offer

There’s more to come

Revuto is in the process of creating a whole NFT universe, with the Rstronaut NFT just one of many to come in this dynamic ecosystem. All Revuto NFTs will be explained on the 1st of May when Revuto will hold a Live YT AMA with the CEO.

Install the Revuto app now on the App Store, Google Play, or Huawei AppGallery to get what you need to earn an Rstronaut NFT!

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