After raising more than $3.3M, Revuto is announcing its Early Backers Tier 2 token sale round to deliver Subscription Payments on Cardano

3 min readMay 19, 2021

May 18, 2021 — Blockchain startup Revuto has concluded a $1.7 million private round to support its development of a crypto subscription payment solution. Its app has also recorded more than 1.5 million sign-ups in 14 days through a referral program. Yesterday at 8 AM UTC, the team behind Revuto had a live event on Youtube where they announced the opening of the first Public token sale on Cardano.

A number of leading blockchain investors participated in the private round which precedes the public sale for Revuto’s native REVU token. BlackDragon VC led the round, which also attracted several angel investors. Due to intense demand for allocation, Revuto was able to close its private round in the space of a week.

“We’re grateful to our private investors, including BlackDragon, for believing in Revuto’s team and tech, and for sharing our vision of making crypto spendable in everyday life. Having the right funding and investors that back our long-term vision is crucial, and thus we are delighted to achieve this milestone and are excited for what lies ahead,” said Revuto CEO Josipa Majic.

“With a large community having assembled around Revuto already and registered their interest in participating in the REVU token sale, the stage is set for a successful launch of the Revuto app. This will bring crypto-powered subscription payments to a global audience, giving digital assets the same utility as fiat currency.”

In a statement, BlackDragon said: “Revuto has shown unparalleled growth in a very short space of time and we’re excited to join its team in this journey and support Revuto and its native REVU token.”

The first decentralized app (dApp) to launch on the Cardano blockchain, Revuto will demonstrate the network’s ability to support high transaction volume at low cost. Designed for the on-demand economy, Revuto supports recurring payments for movie and music subscriptions, household goods, cosmetics, food, and other types of repeat billing.

The REVU token will be used to align incentives between participants in the Revuto ecosystem and to unlock additional features and benefits. It will also provide staking rewards and be utilized for microlending within the Revuto dApp. The REVU public sale is taking place on Revuto’s token sale platform.

May 19, 2021 — In less than 30 minutes, Revuto has concluded its $1.6 million Early Bird Tier 1 round to support its development of a crypto subscription payment solution, and now it’s getting ready for the Early Backer T2 round which is going to last 36 hours starting May 20th at 8:00 AM UTC. With the Early Backers Tier 2 round, Revuto is planning to sell REVU tokens worth $1.7 million before it will conclude Public Token sale with Community sales round starting on Saturday morning.

Some facts about Early Bird Tier 1 round from Revuto co-founder and COO, Vedran Vukman: “During the Early Bird Tier 1, we had 47k users registered to our Token sale platform, 25.3 K users passed our KYC verification, 1943 users invested, 2482 transactions were refused because of putting in the wrong amount or being late. Technically, the round was oversubscribed in a few minutes.”

About Revuto

By leveraging Cardano native tokens and DeFi to pay for subscriptions, Revuto’s ecosystem is designed to save people money regardless of crypto market conditions. Revuto users can subscribe to services using the Revuto debit card, the built-in wallet supports Cardano-native tokens, and the accompanying app can be used to Block, Snooze or Approve subscription charges as they occur.

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The Early Backer T2 round is starting on May 20th, 8:00 AM UTC!

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